Beside the interior data of a DataTable, your can determine how the table appears outside. To customize this, use the following table controls.


This arguments are available to configure the outside of the table:

  • (1.) shortcode argument “paging” ⇒ enable dropdown menu ⇒ paging-nav appears below the listing
    • (2.) shortcode argument “dropdown” => manipulate values in dropdown menu
      • (3.) shortcode argument “dropdown_all_txt” or use the acronym “all” ⇒ your own text
  • (4.) shortcode argument “ordering” ⇒ to turn off this default feature
  • (5.) shortcode argument “searching” ⇒ to turn off this default feature
    • (6.) shortcode argument “searchtxt” ⇒ your own text
  • (7.) shortcode argument “navinfo” ⇒ to turn off this default feature

















1.) paging=yes | ALTERNATIVE SYNTAX: paging=on | paging=enable
4.) ordering=yes | ALTERNATIVE SYNTAX: odering=on | ordering=enable
5.) searching=yes | ALTERNATIVE SYNTAX: searching=on | searching=enable
7.) navinfo=yes | ALTERNATIV SYNTAX: navinfo=on | navingo=enable

1.) paging=no | ALTERNATIVE SYNTAX: paging=off | paging=disable
4.) ordering=no | ALTERNATIVE SYNTAX: odering=off | ordering=disable
5.) searching=no | ALTERNATIVE SYNTAX: searching=off | searching=disable 
7.) navinfo=no | ALTERNATIVE SYNTAX: navinfo=off | navinfo=disable 

2.) dropdown=10,20,100,all ⇒ "all" is a keyword, please write it in this manner
3.) dropdown_all_txt="Show all items" | ALTERNATIVE SYNTAX: all="Show all items"

6.) searchtxt="Here your Text"

Default values

Without any argument, the following internal defaults become true:

  • 1.) paging=no
    • 2,) dropdown=10,25,50,all
      • 3.) dropdown_all_txt=All
      • instead of argument “dropdown_all_txt” you can also use the short acronym “all” / for instance ⇒ all=”All”
  • 4.) ordering=yes
  • 5.) searching=yes
    • 6.) searchtxt=Search:
  • 7.) navinfo=yes

TABLECONTROLS ⇒ Some live examples

Please click on the links below and check out the difference:

POSUse this shortcode:Note
02bjsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year PAGING=yes DROPDOWN=ALL,2,4,8,16ALL is just a keyword, your can also move it to the top of the list
06jsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year SEARCHTXT=”Here you can filter data”change the searchtext
05jsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year SEARCHING=disableturn off searching feature
07jsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year NAVINFO=disabledon't show navigation information
04cjsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year ORDERING=offturn off ordering feature
04bjsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year ORDERING=noturn off ordering feature
04ajsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year ORDERING=disableturn off ordering feature
03jsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year PAGING=yes ALL=”Show all items”modify text in drop down (instead text "All" display the text "Show all items")
02ajsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year PAGING=yes DROPDOWN=2,4,8,16,ALLmanipulate values inside dropdown
01jsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Year PAGING=yesturn on dropdown (paging appears below DataTable)
00jsdatatable CAT=vehicle COLS=Manufacturer,Vehicle,Model,Yeardefault (no dropdown / no paging)