Specify your own columns/fieldnames, on which links should appear inside the DataTable. Each link delivers the access to the post content when users click on corresponding links in the table.


[jsdatatable cat=YourCategory cols=title,author,published linkto=title,author,published]

[jsdatatable cat=YourCategory cols=YourField1,YourField2,YourField3 linkto=YourField3]


[jsdatatable cat=YourCategory cols=lastname,firstname,Street,ZIP,City linkto=lastname,firstname]

Default value

Without argument “linkto” the shortcode print the links on the column/fieldname “title” inside the DataTable.


If you install the two plugins from the article “Add-On’s”, you get automaticly the post content within a modal after clicking on corresponding rows in the DataTabe.

LINKTO ⇒ Some live examples

Please click on the links below and check out the difference:

POSUse this shortcode:Note
03jsdatatable CAT=Motorbike COLS=Vehicle,title,Country,Year LINKTO=Vehicle,Country,Yearlinkto some more fields
02jsdatatable CAT=Motorbike COLS=Vehicle,title,Country,Year LINKTO=Countrylinkto a specific field (Country)
01jsdatatable CAT=Motorbike COLS=Vehicle,title,Country,Yeardefault (title)