If you want to display an idividual headline-row above your fields, you can use the “head“-argument. By this argument you put an individual text on each single column.


[jsdatatable cat=YourCategory cols=YourColumn1,YourColumn2,YourColumn3 head=YourText1,YourText2,YourText3] 


[jsdatatable cat=YourCategory cols=title,City,published,Money head=Company,Where,Date,Costs]

[jsdatatable cat=YourCategory cols=title,City,published,Money head="The company is,Where is it located?,Date,How much?"] 


If you don’t use the argument “head” in the shortcode, for each field the name of the field will appear in the tablehead (first character = upper-case).


head” refers directly to “cols“! Therefore please use the same sequence!

Use quotation marks if spaces should appear inside your text.

HEAD ⇒ Some live examples

Please click on the links below and check out the difference:

POSUse this shortcode:Note
03jsdatatable CAT=all COLS=title,Country,Year HEAD=”Text in Column #1,Text in Column #2,Text in Column #3″use some spaces in the head
02jsdatatable CAT=all COLS=title,Country,Year HEAD=aaaaa,bbbbb,cccccindividual head
01jsdatatable CAT=all COLS=title,Country,Yeardefault (generate head)