The keyword “more” could be used to satisfy design requirements. If you want to present a DataTable in a way, where the link to the post data should appear inside an additional “Read more…“-column, the keyword “more” is your solution. You can place the keyword “more” into the “cols“-argument. Afterwards an additional column will appear. The position of the keyword “more“, where your place it inside the “cols“-argument, doesn’t care.


[[jsdatatable cat=all cols=YourColumn1,YourColumn2,YourColumn3,more]]

Default value

By default the “Read more…“-column is not enabled.


If you use the keyword “more” in the “cols“-argument, the link appears on this column. Afterwards you can customize some more likeable settings as follows.

Note #1:
By using the keyword “more“, it could also be useful to make use of the additionaly the “linkto“-argument. If the “title“-fieldname doesn’t appears in your “cols“-argument go ahead und pass thinking about the below follwing problem. Otherwise, if “titel” belongs to your “cols“-argument, you should consider using “linkto“, because the”title“-filedname usually contains a link to the post data by default. So probably that’s not your goal when using the “more“-keword… Avoid this situation by a simple solution. To exclude all other fields except the “Read more...”-column, you just put the “more“-column into your “linkto“-argument. That’s all:

[[jsdatatable cols=title,published,more linkto=more]]

Note #2:
You can define an individual text in the tablehead, by using the “head“-argument:

[[jsdatatable cols=title,published,more  head="Vehicle,Date,Show Details" linkto=more]]

Note #3:
By default the text “Read more…” appears as the valuetext inside the “more“-column. If you want to manipulate this setting, use  additionly the “more“-argument in the shortcode to manipulate that text:

[[jsdatatable cols=title,published,more  linkto=more  more="please click here..."]]

MORE ⇒ Some live examples

Please click on the links below and check out the difference:

[jsdatatable tag=example-more cols=pos,title,comment head=”POS,Use this shortcode:,Note” orderby=pos searching=off]