Extended functionality to bring “links” into a DataTable

Maybe you would like to make JsDataTable work better for you by using the following additional plugins.


Wordpress-Plugin “Easy Fancy Box


Wordpress-Plugin “Show Content Only

Build-in-support in JsDataTable for this both wordpress plugins:

JsDataTable contains a build-in-support to combine the 2 other plugins. That means, JsDataTable is prepared to show the post content inside a modal if users click on a link inside the DataTable.

Install the 2 plugins in your wordpress setup and then right out of the box JsDataTable deliveres a modal. Without any more customiztion, a link will appear on the column “title” (by default). Of course you can change this. You can customize the column,  which one should appear as the link by using the argument “linkto.

If you want to use the modal extension, please install the 2 plugin as follows.

Setup the plugin “Easy Fancybox”
  1. Install plugin “Easy Fancybox” + activate the plugin
  2. Click on Plugins > “Easy Fancybox” > settings
  3. Media > Enable Fancy Box for Images ⇒ disable this option
  4. Media > Enable Fancy Box for iFrames ⇒ enable this option
  5. Press button “Save”
  6. Media > iFrame ⇒ scroll down ⇒ border ⇒ set this value to “30”
    (make the modal a bit nicer, by default the border value is blank)
  7. Press button “Save”
Setup the plugin “Show Content Only”

Install the plugin “Show Content Only” + activate the plugin. It works, nothing more to do.


By default the plugin “Show Content Only” doesn’t delivers the post title to the modal. The plugin is designed to show the naked wordpress content (without title) by the author. In some cases (that means in our DataTable) it might look more beautiful, if the titel appears inside the modal. If you want to solve this issue an if your want to display the title consider the article: “Display titel in modal