If you use the Add-On “Easy Fancybox” and the Add-On “Show Content Only”, probobly it’s your goal to show the nacked wordpress content within a beautiful modal (no Header, no Menus, noch Sidbars, noc Footer).  So far so good, everything works fine. If you study the result you rapidly determine, that the stripped post content is just the plain content, including the text and images ⇒ but not your title….

The autor of the plugin “Show Content Only” doesn’t designed the plugin to print the title – you get the post content! That’s it. That’s the promise, what the plugin originally should do for us (and it’s not a bug). In fact, this scenario could be bit unfortunately and however, if we require the wordpress title in the modal, it’s necessary to take a look under the hood.

Quick and dirty workaround to resolve that issue

  1. Login wp-admin + switch to your plugin page (you see thw list with all your installed and your activated plugins)
  2. Choose the plugin “Show Content Only” > click on “edit
  3. someting like show-content-only/content-only.php appears at the top of the page ⇒ just below that, you see a textbox which contains a very long listing of some programming code inside
  4. Inside this textbox > please scroll down to the end of the list of that programming code
  5. At the end (last few lines) you see the following statement ⇒ return $output;

Just edit the row and replace this line as follows:

Row before:
return $output;
Row after:
return '<h2>' . get_the_title() . '</h2>' . $output;

Yes, it’s done…, press button “save” and you will see the wordpress post title now inside your modal. If the text appears to small/to big for you requirement, just use variants of h1, h2, h3, h4, h4, h6, h7 to adjust the headline (depending on the font in your theme).

This is a workaround, that means, if the author of the plugin “Show content only” is going to modify his code within the plugin somtimes in the furture, you probably have to modify mentioned row in the code again (after updating the plugin “Show content only”).