Everybody knows that during the use of external libraries it could happen, that features don’t work exactly right (side effects). In our environment we unfortunately also face this problem. The following 2 bugs are known:

Bug #1
If you show a very long text (content in modal) on some mobile devices – particulary devices with small screens – the right side scrollbar sometimes doesn’t appear in the modal. This issue belongs to the plugin “Easy Fancybox“. On most mobile devices your don’t get this problem. And if the content inward the modal is not to long (if it fits into the screen), you also also dont’t encounter this problem on mentioned mobile devices. Probably the author of the plugin “Easy Fancybox” will fixes this  issue in future, because it’s a very famos and popular plugin.

Bug #2
If you are going to use the dropdown feature and if you enable the paging parameter (see article “tablecontrols) it’s your goal to flip through the different pages forwards an backwards. But if the customer switch to page 2, 3, 4 or higher, the modal function is broken, if you have modals active and in use. In that case the data presentation doesn’t work as usual. On the first sight everything looks fine. On table page 1 the modal is still ok and the modal works fine. But on page 2 not anymore.
SOLUTION: That means, you should not use the combination “dropdown + paging” both together, if you are going to present any links inside the DataTable. If you don’t present clickable links inside your DataTable the “paging”-feature works fine.

A fix is coming within the next plugin release for the following issues:

  • Agument ORDER (order=dsc,asc) doesen’t work well
    • Argument DROPDOWN (dropdown=2,4,8,16,ALL) doesen’t work well
    • Argument NAVINFO (navinfo=disable) dosen’t work well (fix within next release)
    • Argument SEARCHTXT (e.g. searchtxt=”Here you can filter data”) doesen’t work well
  • Argument LINKTO doesen’t work well (fix within next release) ⇒ the more-Feature works fine
  • Argument LANG is not yet availalbe